Exzess International Co., Ltd. No. 39-5, Section 3, Lingyun Road, Wugu District, New Taipei City, Taiwan $ 02-2292-4567 Established 2000, Exzess International Co,Ltd. has always been dedicated on the development of motorsport brake and improved our product for generations to satisfy those seeking the best performance.    Exzess two-piece disc’s patented unique fin design provides fluid airflow and thermal stress control. Coped with alloyed casting compound, our disc excels in heat dissipation with unmatched durability / stability.   Exzess high performance two-piece discs have been paired with internationally famed calipers and stood the test of many motor sport racing tracks.   Our discs have been exported to Germany since 2011 and are now well recognized and trusted by many professional racing teams.   All parts are developed and produced in Taiwan with materials of leading standard to cater towards the harsh demands of high-performance environment. Our discs go through thorough measurement and durability tests to ensure we pass any international standard, and we have developed over 113 fixed and 92 floating two-piece discs with 15 grooved types.   Upholding years of experience on racing track, we are thrilled on delivering our professionalism and innovation to our customer to help them find the most suitable upgrade solution for.   Pursue in pinnacle performance, Insistence on perfect quality, Unique creative design, are all in Exzess’s DNA.   Less than 1 gram balance deviation, Fluid mechanics patented design , 1/5 hair-width precision   History 2016   EX6000 Front 6 POT Forged Caliper   2011   Two-piece 375mm / 410mm Disc   2008   EX 5100 Front 4 Pot Forged Caliper   2007   EX 3000 Rear 4 Pot Forged Caliper   2005   Two-Piece 356 / 362mm Disc   2004   EX 5000 Front 4 Pot Forged Caliper   2002   1 Pot and 2 Pot Upgrade Kit   2001   330mm Two-piece Disc                       Stainless Braided Hose   2000  Curve Fin Two-piece Disc           Plus, Sport, Racing Brake Pad    



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